Optimizing Female Fertility

Patient’s Factsheet – optimizing women’s fertility. Weight Ideally, aim to keep your weight between a BMI of 19 and 24 kg/m2 because a BMI outside these limits has been linked to subfertility, poor IVF outcomes, and miscarriages. If you need to lose weight regular exercise (minimum 30 min of moderately intense exercise at least three Continue reading »

Nutritional Ketosis – an advantaged metabolic state.

Nutritional Ketosis Peter Attia MD describes his own n=1 experiment in nutritional ketosis.  In ‘An Advantaged Metabolic State: Human Performance, Resilience & Health’, Peter describes how he overcame his state of metabolic syndrome by using a low-carbohydrate diet.  Peter describes his objectives in the talk as: Share my health and performance journey Provide you with Continue reading »

A cup of tea a day keeps the doctor away.

Research suggests a cup of tea a day keeps the doctor away! Research presented at the Fifth International Scientific Symposium on Tea & Human Health shows that regular tea drinking can help with a host of potential health problems.  Regular tea drinking can help us burn more calories, help the body metabolize fat, regulate blood Continue reading »