Acupuncture recommended for allergic rhinitis

The American Academy of Otolaryngology’s new Clinical Practice Guideline recommends acupuncture for patients with allergic rhinitis (AR) who are interested in non-pharmacological therapy (treatment without drugs). A Guideline Development Group (20 experts in otolaryngology, allergy, immunology, nursing, CAM and consumer advocacy) developed the recommendations based on supporting evidence (randomised controlled trials with limitations, observational studies…

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Anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture in allergic asthma.

The anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture in allergic asthma has been demonstrated by a  team of Chinese investigators. They have shown that acupuncture has regulatory effects on mucosal and cellular immunity in patients with allergic asthma. What is interesting in this study is that as well as showing an effect for acupuncture in the treatment of…

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Acupuncture effective for allergic rhinitis?

A large German randomised controlled trial involving 5, 237 participants has compared the effectiveness of acupuncture in addition to routine care in allergic rhinitis patients to routine care alone.  This is a significant trial because there were a large number of subjects studied in the trial which makes it more reliable.  Randomised controlled trials are…

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