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Stress, anxiety & depression.

stress, anxiety & depressionStress, anxiety & depression.

It is all too easy to suffer stress, anxiety & depression.  All too often in the modern world we are overwhelmed.  We work too many hours, don’t get enough sleep, eat a poor diet, suffer from food allergies, suffer family tensions and so on.  Stress doesn’t only refer to emotional problems.  Pain, cold, accidents, chronic infections and more are stressors to our systems.  They put a burden on our body and mind.  Anxiety and depression are the two sides of the one coin.  With anxiety we worry about the future; depression we feel sad about the past and can’t envisage a bright future.

Acupuncture for stress, anxiety & depression.

Please follow the links below for research into acupuncture for stress, anxiety and depressionl

The British Acupuncture Council has fact sheets on:




New research published in the Journal of Endocrinology shows that acupuncture blocks the chronic, stress-induced elevations of the HPA axis hormones and the sympathetic NPY pathway.

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