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Neurological disorders

Acupuncture for neurological disorders.

Can neurological disorders such as Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, brain injury, peripheral neuropathy, Bell’s palsy respond to acupuncture?  Early research is fascinating but more is urgently needed.  These are all very different illnesses and each one is a very individual.  Some neurological conditions will be helped more by acupuncture than others.  For example, there is some evidence that acupuncture may be of benefit to Bell’s palsy, but there is no evidence of its effectiveness for motor neurone disease.

If you would like more details of how acupuncture might help a specific neurological disorder then do get in touch with me.

British Acupuncture Fact Sheets on acupuncture for neurological disorders.

Follow the links below for fact sheets on specific conditions.  These fact sheets give detailed research summaries describing what research has been done and what conclusions have been reached by the researchers.

British Acupuncture Council Fact Sheet on Bell’s palsy.

Stroke and acupuncture: the evidence for clinical effectiveness.  This is a review paper for medical professionals published by the British Acupuncture Council.

The Journal of Chinese Medicine Research Archive.

Headaches and migraines.

British Acupuncture Council Fact Sheet on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

British Acupuncture Council Fact Sheet on Multiple Sclerosis.

British Acupuncture Council Fact Sheet on Parkinson’s Disease.

Acupuncture for neurological conditions