MS cured through diet?

MS cured through diet?

Can MS be cured through dietary interventions alone?  This might seem unbelievable but Dr Terry Wahls’ story is very compelling and she is now undertaking clinical trials with other MS sufferers to try and get hard evidence.

Dr Wahls’ first book is now available from amazon uk (I tried to get it a few weeks ago and it was unavailable):

The Paleo Diet.

A paleo diet is a dietary reconstruction of how our paleolithic ancestors ate.  We did most of our evolution during the paleolithic era and the theory goes that the diet during this period is still the diet to which we are optimally adapted genetically.  A paleo diet is essentially that of a hunter-gatherer.  In these ancient times we would have subsisted largely on meat, fish and vegetables.  Foods introduced during the agricultural period are poorly digested and cause multiple problems – specifically the diseases of civilization.

Much of the original research into the paleo diet was done by Professor Loren Cordain.  Some of this research was suggesting that a modification of the paleo diet might help people with autoimmune diseases such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, vitiligo and many more.  Professor Cordain has recently published a new book, “The Paleo Answer” which outlines how and why to implement a modern paleo diet and has a chapter specifically on autoimmune disease:



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