Moxibustion for labour

It is well known amongst acupuncturists that one of the best points for helping induce labour and helping the process and pain of early labour is Sanyinjiao (Sp 6).  Now Taiwanese researchers have found that moxibustion at Sp 6 may be able to markedly shorten the active phase of the first stage of labour and decrease pain due to uterine contractions.  Sixty primipara women in labour were equally assigned , according to their choice, to three groups: bilateral moxibustion at Sp 6 for 30 minutes, moxibustion at non-acupoints for 30 minutes and no moxibustion.  The researchers found that the duration of the active phase of the first stage in the moxibustion group was significantly shorter that that in the other two groups.  Visual analogue pain scores after moxibustion were also significantly lower in this group compared with the no moxibustion group.

Effect of acupint Sp 6 moxibustion on the first stage of labor and uterine contactive pain in primiparae.  Chin J Inter Med. 2011 Jun;17(6):464-6.

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