Increase in Gloucestershire paid IVF cyclesNHS announces an increase in Gloucestershire paid IVF cycles.

Since 2004 NICE has been recommending up to three cycles of IVF for qualifying couples.  Now Gloucestershire NHS, which previously allowed just one cycle, has announced an increase in Gloucestershire paid IVF cycles.

This will be for couples fulfilling certain criteria, including the woman being aged 23 to 39 and there being no living child in the current relationship.  This brings Gloucestershire in line with national recommendations and takes effect from 1st October.

The increase is expected to cost NHS Gloucestershire £1.5 million each year.

NHS Gloucestershire medical director, Dr Liz Mearns, said “I know this change will be welcomed by many couples who have experienced fertility problems and who long to start a family”.

Over the years I have treated many couples, especially women, as they undergo IVF cycles.  I know how difficult it is to afford IVF and know that this will be very welcome news for many couples.


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