How does acupuncture help athletes?

How does acupuncture help athletes?

How does acupuncture help athletes

A case history and call for support: how does acupuncture help athletes and please support this local charity drive.

I regularly see athletes for sports injuries, and fatigue and recovery issues.  I’m sponsoring a wonderful mountain bike challenge a client is doing for charity.  I will donate most of my fee for sessions promoting performance and recovery through the JustGiving website .  Through her comments we begin to see the answer to the question of “how does acupuncture help athletes?”  All athletes are different, have different needs and require different interventions, but I feel a case study is revealing.  And more than that I want to promote her fund raising for a cause close to my heart.

How did it start?

I received this in an email from a lovely client called Haley:

I’m doing something a bit crazy for fundraising on Sept 3rd and I may need your help. I’m riding some very steep trails, like I would on any ride, but this time I’m going to match the approximate 5600ft elevation of a refugee family walking to Gloucester from Aleppo in a single ride. Normally, I would only do 1,500ft across two hours, and I would be pretty knackered at that point. But this challenge may take me between 6-7 hours.

Hayley elaborates more on instagram:

I live a pretty cushy life. I work, I ride bikes downhill and I live in a little bungalow in the Forest of Dean. Any ups and downs I experience are usually first world problems. I can’t imagine what it’s like to not have a hot shower after a ride and a warm bed for recovery so I can do it all again tomorrow.

On Saturday, September 3rd, rain or shine, I’ll be riding the Forest of Dean’s steep downhill trails, matching the elevation of a refugee family walking from Syria to Gloucester.
5,600ft of climbing, 6-7 hours on the saddle (apart from weeing! 🤣), 3 FoD locations, lots of Reese cups in my belly and a couple of your pounds to @gloucester_welcomes_refugees will rehome ONE family in Gloucester this autumn. If you’d like to donate, check out the link in my profile! 🙌🔗

Maybe you could join me during my session @pedalabikeaway? I’d love to see some friendly faces to keep me going. DM for more details!

Couldn’t do it without my magical acupuncturist @jamiegisbywho keeps my hormones in check and as pain free as possible and Ali, my sports psychologist @ithinksport helping me dig deep on the day.

What is Gloucester Welcomes Refugees?

Gloucester Welcomes Refugees is a recently formed Community Sponsorship Group with the ultimate goal of resettling a refugee family in Gloucester.

This involves lots of different kinds of fundraising opportunities and importantly finding suitable accommodation that is well equipped for a family. And lastly, Gloucester Welcomes Refugees will support the families integration into the local community and imbedding them into Glostonian life!

We are at the beginning of this journey, and know that we have a lot to accomplish with many hurdles to overcome before we reach our goal. 

How does acupuncture help an athlete?

Haley kindly explains how acupuncture has helped her as an athlete:

Jamie was my last resort. After years of chronic back and neck pain, and despite my fear of needles, I googled “acupuncture” near my workplace with the thought that I wouldn’t have anything to lose, even if it was just to sneak out of work early one afternoon.

A keen mountain biker, I was tired of letting the pain get in the way of what I loved. A stressful job meant that I absorbed tension and held on to it physically. After years of chiropractic sessions and massages that only provided temporary relief, I was desperate for a breakthrough.
Jamie was the first person to treat me as an individual. His holistic approach meant that he saw the whole ‘me’. He saw the bigger picture. He listened rather than talked. For the first time, I didn’t feel like I was inconveniencing someone with my problems. Instead he took the time to ask questions and explain how my symptoms were  connected.  With every treatment, he took into account which stage I was in of my cycle, and addressed my hormonal fluctuations.
I think I cried with relief, not on my first visit, but on my second, when it dawned on me that it was working. I was finally in good hands. In preparation for a downhill race in February this year, Jamie calmed my stress levels and released the tension from my muscles. I got through those tough days knowing that I had his support.
A font of knowledge, Jamie is a joy to talk to. He is the most understanding and gentle person… talking through his methods and respecting my thoughts and choices.
Moving forward, Jamie’s preparing me for my #upsanddownselevation charity ride on Sept 3rd in the Forest of Dean, getting my mind and body ready to take on such a physical and mental challenge. I genuinely look forward to all of our sessions and can finally relax knowing that Jamie’s got my back.
How does acupuncture help athletes


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