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Fibromyalgia Research


Fibromyalgia is a syndrome involving chronic pain across all quadrants of the body. It is often associated with poor sleep and digestive disturbances such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Acupuncture has been recommended by many fibromyalgia specialists. There has been some research done in this area, with mixed results, and there is a desperate need for further research into this distressing condition.

Acupuncture for fibromyalgia.

The British Acupuncture Council has a great fact sheet about fibromyalgia, click here.

The Journal of Chinese Medicine online has some research summaries for acupuncture and Fibromyalgia (FMS):

The Journal of Chinese Medicine Research Archive.

Dr Jacob Teitelbaum is an .American doctor specialising in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. His website, www.endfatigue.com, is an excellent resource, as his book, ‘From Fatigued to Fantastic’. He has a free fibromyalgia/CFS symptom analysis programme. The CFS/FMS Symptom Analysis Program is a computer program that can create a treatment plan tailored to your specific CFS/FM symptoms (and lab results if available). See below for link to his book on amazon.

Chris Kresser discusses a new theory, on Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution podcast, of what causes fibromyalgia and how it might be treated.  This sounds very promising.

Often the cause (or contributing factor to) of fibromyalgia is hypothyroidism and many medics beleive that this is underdiagnosed and undertreated in the UK. Thyroid UK is the national charity to support patients who may need help in getting their thyroid disease properly diagnosed and treated. If you are being treated for thyroid symptoms but don’t feel any better then check out the book below:

Chris Kresser has a series of articles on thyroid disease on his site ‘The Healthy Skeptic’.

Fibromyalgia: understanding and getting relief from pain that won’t go away: Don Goldenburg.

UK Fibromyalgia describe themselves as the independent voice of fibromyalgia in the UK. They give information about local support groups, give help on legal matters and how to claim benefit, provide newsletters and a magazine and so on. My only criticism would be that I don’t agree with all of their dietary advice.