How much does acupuncture cost?

The following fees will apply as from the 1st August 2020

Acupuncture Fees:

Initial consultation and treatment is £60.00 (Children: £50.00)

Follow on sessions are £50.00 (currently £47.00). (Children: £40.00)

The first session lasts around 1 hour and subsequent sessions around 45 minutes.

Food Sensitivity Testing Fees:

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic I am doing a shorter initial appointment (1 hour rather that 1.5 hours). My patient notes software allows me to send you a link (with 2 stage authentication) to an online form that records your details, complaint and medical history. The hours appointment at the clinic is then ample to do the kinesiology.

60 minutes is £80.00 (children £60.00)