Acupuncture best for depression with pain.

Acupuncture, counselling or usual care for depression and comorbid pain. A new study has examined whether acupuncture or depression have benefits in treating depressed patients with pain compared to the usual care for depression – and concluded acupuncture is the best intervention for depression and pain. Around 50 – 66% of depressed patients also report Continue reading »

Acupuncture for a new Start?

Acupuncture for a new start? The New Year marks a time for fresh starts which often involve looking at health needs, including treatment alternatives for existing conditions. Traditional acupuncture has become a popular choice, both as a stand alone treatment, and in combination with Western biomedicine. The growing popularity of acupuncture has gained a boost Continue reading »

Dr. Oz – Acupuncture Works.

 Acupuncture works on the Dr Oz tv show. Live demonstration of acupuncture for low back pain.  This isn’t quite the way I do it but its nice to see acupuncture getting some high profile exposure: Acupuncture works for low back pain?  Follow the links on my back pain page.

Acupuncture benefits mystery illnesses?

Acupuncture benefits mystery illnesses. One in five patients has symptoms which are undiagnosed by medicine. The cost of treating them is twice that of a diagnosed patient. A new study has been carried out to asses if acupuncture benefits this group of patients. Researchers from the Institute of Health Services Research, Peninsula Medical School, University Continue reading »