Acupuncture reduces stress of infertility

Acupuncture reduces stress of infertility, according to Australian researchers. In a pilot study, 32 women with a history of infertility received six sessions of acupuncture over eight weeks. At the end of the intervention, women in the acupuncture group described the impact of acupuncture as positive. Significant changes on scores relating to infertility stress, and…

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Funny acupuncture video.

I just came across this advert which has a really funny use of acupuncture.  I promise I don’t use this many needles!

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Moxibustion for labour

It is well known amongst acupuncturists that one of the best points for helping induce labour and helping the process and pain of early labour is Sanyinjiao (Sp 6).  Now Taiwanese researchers have found that moxibustion at Sp 6 may be able to markedly shorten the active phase of the first stage of labour and…

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Could acupuncture help the recovery of Olympic athletes?

Could acupuncture help the recovery of Olympic athletes?  I was just reading through the research news section on the Journal of Chinese Medicine site and came across the following piece of research: Auricular acupuncture (AA) can enhance athletes’ recovery after strenuous exercise, suggests the results of a Taiwanese study. Twenty-four elite male university basketball players…

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Acupuncture trials changes treatment.

Taking part in acupuncture trials changes the treatment. In an earlier post I wrote about how the placebo effect of acupuncture can be improved by the behaviour of the acupuncturist(s).  I have now come across a study which shows that taking part in an acupuncture trial changes the expectations and behaviour of participants and influences…

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Acupuncture benefits mystery illnesses?

Acupuncture benefits mystery illnesses. One in five patients has symptoms which are undiagnosed by medicine. The cost of treating them is twice that of a diagnosed patient. A new study has been carried out to asses if acupuncture benefits this group of patients. Researchers from the Institute of Health Services Research, Peninsula Medical School, University…

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Should acupuncturists specialise?

A hot topic here in the UK is over whether acupuncturists should specialise.  On the one hand, therapists argue that certain areas call for specialist knowledge over and above standard college teaching.  On the other, people argue that acupuncture is a holistic system that is antithetical to specialisation.  So, should acupuncturists specialise? The British Acupuncture…

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Acupuncture Placebo

Acupuncture placebo – does acupuncture work?     As an acupuncturist I dread talking about it socially, at least with the uninitiated.  I get asked Does it hurt and, does it work. The answers to both are more complex than they might appear but my pat answer is that most people find it surprisingly comfortable…

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Acupuncture effective for allergic rhinitis?

A large German randomised controlled trial involving 5, 237 participants has compared the effectiveness of acupuncture in addition to routine care in allergic rhinitis patients to routine care alone.  This is a significant trial because there were a large number of subjects studied in the trial which makes it more reliable.  Randomised controlled trials are…

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9 reasons to wear a haramaki.

Muffin Tops The most unfortunate women’s fashion trend in recent years has been the pairing of hipster jeans and short shirts exposing a bare midriff; the so called muffin top.  I say unfortunate because it exposes a vitally important energetic centre, the dan tian, to the environment.  I guess whether it’s aesthetically pleasing is down…

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Acupuncture books: then and now.

I’ve been reflecting this week on how much the acupuncture profession has changed here in the UK.  When I started my studies at The College of Traditional Acupuncture, back in 1984, acupuncture was still to most people a mysterious and exotic therapy. My interest in acupuncture was piqued by the Acumedic Centre in Camden Town,…

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Complaints procedure.

Complaints procedure. Jamie Gisby, Acupuncturist and Allergy & Environmental Therapist. If you have a complaint or any concern about any aspect of your treatment, please let me know as soon as possible. Please let me have full details of your complaint/concerns and I will undertake to treat them seriously, deal with your complaint promptly and…

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