Jamie Gisby

The deceptive ‘clean label’

The deceptive clean label: how safe is your food? Over the last decade or so manufacturers have appeared to be ‘tidying up’ foods in the UK with less E-numbers and healthier ingredients.  I like to cook all my food from scratch but I work 6 days a week, often till quite late, and so at Continue reading »

Persistent Pain Booklet

Where Does it Hurt? When we are pain we tend to think we know what is hurting.  We twist our ankle, our ankle hurts.  We say, ‘my ankle hurts’.  It’s probably fair to say, yes, the ankle hurts.  But what about chronic or persistent pain?  What if you tweak your back and 3 months later Continue reading »

Optimizing Female Fertility

Patient’s Factsheet – optimizing women’s fertility. Weight Ideally, aim to keep your weight between a BMI of 19 and 24 kg/m2 because a BMI outside these limits has been linked to subfertility, poor IVF outcomes, and miscarriages. If you need to lose weight regular exercise (minimum 30 min of moderately intense exercise at least three Continue reading »