Does Acupuncture Work?

  Does Acupuncture Work? Watch this short Australian documentary and find out for yourself: An Australian doctor finds acupuncture works for his sprained knee.  He talks to scientists investigating the study of acupuncture using functional MRI where the effect of acupuncture on the brain is used using state of the art technology.  A young mother…

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New post at ‘All About Acupuncture’.

I’ve put a new post on my ‘All About Acupuncture’ blog: ‘Should acupuncturists wear a white coat’.  I’ve also started a poll on the subject over at Linked In on the Acupuncture Group.  I’d love to get your feedback on this.

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Dr. Oz – Acupuncture Works.

 Acupuncture works on the Dr Oz tv show. Live demonstration of acupuncture for low back pain.  This isn’t quite the way I do it but its nice to see acupuncture getting some high profile exposure: Acupuncture works for low back pain?  Follow the links on my back pain page.

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Acupuncture reduces stress of infertility

Acupuncture reduces stress of infertility, according to Australian researchers. In a pilot study, 32 women with a history of infertility received six sessions of acupuncture over eight weeks. At the end of the intervention, women in the acupuncture group described the impact of acupuncture as positive. Significant changes on scores relating to infertility stress, and…

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Funny acupuncture video.

I just came across this advert which has a really funny use of acupuncture.  I promise I don’t use this many needles!

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Moxibustion for labour

It is well known amongst acupuncturists that one of the best points for helping induce labour and helping the process and pain of early labour is Sanyinjiao (Sp 6).  Now Taiwanese researchers have found that moxibustion at Sp 6 may be able to markedly shorten the active phase of the first stage of labour and…

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Could acupuncture help the recovery of Olympic athletes?

Could acupuncture help the recovery of Olympic athletes?  I was just reading through the research news section on the Journal of Chinese Medicine site and came across the following piece of research: Auricular acupuncture (AA) can enhance athletes’ recovery after strenuous exercise, suggests the results of a Taiwanese study. Twenty-four elite male university basketball players…

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In Search of the Perfect Human Diet.

In Search of the Perfect Human Diet A new documentary, “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet”,  will be available in the next few days on DVD, click here to go to the website Asking the question of how we can respond to the rapidly escalating epidemic of obesity and chronic ill health in developed…

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MS cured through diet?

MS cured through diet? Can MS be cured through dietary interventions alone?  This might seem unbelievable but Dr Terry Wahls’ story is very compelling and she is now undertaking clinical trials with other MS sufferers to try and get hard evidence. Dr Wahls’ first book is now available from amazon uk (I tried to get…

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Acupuncture trials changes treatment.

Taking part in acupuncture trials changes the treatment. In an earlier post I wrote about how the placebo effect of acupuncture can be improved by the behaviour of the acupuncturist(s).  I have now come across a study which shows that taking part in an acupuncture trial changes the expectations and behaviour of participants and influences…

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10 reasons to drink green tea

When I started eating a paleo/primal diet, the hardest thing for me was giving up black tea with (skimmed) milk.  This great British staple is such a way of life for many of us that to even consider giving it up seems intolerable.  We have a cup of tea to get us going in the…

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Paleo & Chinese medicine.

Paleo and Chinese Medicine Does Chinese medicine support the paleo diet? I think most people imagine not.  The contemporary Chinese diet emphasizes the importance of  ‘fan’, or staple foods such as wheat and rice.  These are thought to have a neutral energetic (being neither cooling or warming) which balances the other elements of the meal…

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