How to take your homeopathic remedies

Taking Homeopathic remedies.

After allergy testing you may be prescribed homeopathic desensitizing remedies.  The aim of these is to help the body better tolerate food, chemicals, pollens, etc.

The remedies you have been prescribed should be taken as follows:


This preparation ensures the effectiveness of the desensitizing remedies, and one dose only (2 drops) should be taken immediately before the first dose of each remedy, i.e. once a week during the desensitization programme.  Children take just one drop.


Remedies labelled – 6         take two drops, three times daily, for one week.

Remedies labelled – 30         take two drops, twice daily, for one week.

Remedies labelled – 200         take two drops once daily, for one week.

Children should take half the dosage, i.e. one drop rather than two.

The dose may be taken in a little water or dropped directly under the tongue.  Food or drink should be avoided (as should cleaning the teeth with toothpaste) for half an hour before and half an hour after taking the dose.  The remedy should be taken for seven days during which time the food to which it refers should be completely avoided.  Only one desensitizing remedy should be taken at a time.  Obviously it is not possible to avoid some chemicals or environmental pollutants if these are being desensitized, but fortunately this doesn’t matter so much as it does for foods.

After seven days you may resume eating the food, ideally in smaller quantities and less often than you took it previously.  In the unlikely event of your experiencing a reaction to the food when you begin to take it again, immediately take two drops of the remedy under the tongue, and after an interval of one hour, take a dose (two heaped teaspoonful in warm water) of bicarbonate of soda.  It would then be necessary to avoid the food for a further week whilst repeating the dose of the desensitizing remedy.

Should you experience a reaction during the desensitization period you may expect this to pass in a day or two.  If it does not, discontinue the remedy until symptoms abate then continue dosing until seven days have been completed.

Only one desensitizing remedy should be taken at a time.





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