Acupuncture reduces stress of infertility

Acupuncture reduces stress of infertilityAcupuncture reduces stress of infertility, according to Australian researchers. In a pilot study, 32 women with a history of infertility received six sessions of acupuncture over eight weeks. At the end of the intervention, women in the acupuncture group described the impact of acupuncture as positive. Significant changes on scores relating to infertility stress, and a trend toward improved self-efficacy and less anxiety were reported in the acupuncture group, compared with a wait-list control group. Changes were also perceived after treatment with women describing increased physical relaxation and psychological calmness, as well as a changed perspective in relation to coping.

The researchers concluded that:

“Acupuncture may be a useful intervention to assist with the reduction of infertility-related stress. Further research is justified”.

(The effect of acupuncture on psychosocial outcomes for women experiencing infertility: a pilot randomized controlled trial. J Altern Complement Med. 2011 Oct;17(10):923-30).

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