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Endometriosis linked to inflammatory bowel disease.

Endometriosis linked to inflammatory bowel disease. Endometriosis UK have just reported news of new research which shows that endometriosis is linked to inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s or colitis.  This supports the growing belief that endometriosis has inflammatory aspects … Continue reading

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In Search of the Perfect Human Diet.

In Search of the Perfect Human Diet A new documentary, “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet”,  will be available in the next few days on DVD, click here to go to the website Asking the question of how we … Continue reading

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MS cured through diet?

MS cured through diet? Can MS be cured through dietary interventions alone?  This might seem unbelievable but Dr Terry Wahls’ story is very compelling and she is now undertaking clinical trials with other MS sufferers to try and get hard … Continue reading

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10 reasons to drink green tea

When I started eating a paleo/primal diet, the hardest thing for me was giving up black tea with (skimmed) milk.  This great British staple is such a way of life for many of us that to even consider giving it … Continue reading

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Paleo & Chinese medicine.

Paleo and Chinese Medicine Does Chinese medicine support the paleo diet? I think most people imagine not.  The contemporary Chinese diet emphasizes the importance of  ‘fan’, or staple foods such as wheat and rice.  These are thought to have a … Continue reading

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